Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Purple Flakies

This is the manicure I tried to post earlier but didn't show up

God my hands look so old! Lol but anyways I used

Pronto Purple (#20) of Sally Hansen Insta-Dry
Claires coat of flakes that come in that package I had shown a few posts ago. Sorry it has no name =[

Also After I taught one of my students she gave me a late birthday present! My birthday was in August but she didn't have any money then since she wasn't working the summer at our ice rink. But this is what I bought with her gift card to Sally Beauty!

Sorry for being so dark. But the color from left to right is 

China Glaze: Grape Juice
Orly: Razzle
China Glaze: Jetstream

This is what it looks like swatched with two coats for application:

I really wish I had some good lighting! I really think these colors are gorgeous, and I have been dying for grape juice for a long time!


  1. flakies! so that's how you call 'em. LOL i love them too. i think the face shop also has them :)

  2. ohh What is the face shop? I never heard of it.

    LOL I didn't know what else to call them! They are small little bottles that come in different colors i think in a pack of 6 for around 12-13 dollars.

    Thanks for the comments :)

  3. TheFaceShop is a korean brand of cosmetics... not sure what country you are from so i'm not sure if it's available there. you can try to look it up :D they have great products... quite inexpensive as well!♥