Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 9. Rainbow Nails

I did a little twist today on rainbow nails. Instead of bright rainbow nails, I did more of a pastel rainbow. I had my electropop collection sitting on my desk and I really wanted to use it. So I did a rainbow crackle kind of nails.

The colors used:
CG-Dance Baby
CG-Make Some Noise
CG-Electric Beat
CG-Gothic Lolita
CG-Sunshine Pop
OPI- Super Bass (Shatter)

I took some pictures outside but it was kinda cloudy so it looks blah. The indoor ones with flash look much better. Here it is:

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 8. Metallic Nails

This was definitely more of a fail day lol. I decided with this I would use a metallic crackle. Though, the crackle can't be seen to well. But anyways here it is:

My base coat is CG- Golden Meringue, with OPI Come to Poppy tips, topped with CG Haute Metal crackle. Then I used a LA Color Art Striper in white for the lines. Though I LOVE the look, it wasn't metallic-y enough for this post.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 7. Black and White

Today is Black and White day. I am usually not a fan of black or white plain nails so I decided to do a basic french with a black line. I then added two stickers on my middle finger, one a butterfly and one stars. Not bad, but I need to work on straightening my lines lol.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Seond half of violet nails

I decided to stamp my nails with my XL plate E from They now have a facebook page here. I used my Sally Hansen Chrome Pen in silver for the stamping color.

I had to use my cell phone since i couldn't get ONE decent picture with flash with my camera. I need to learn how to on the camera.

Day 6 Violet Nails

Before I did this mani, I thought it said purple nails. Then when I realized it said violet, I wanted to really look up the definition to make sure I was correct. I found the definition of it being a blueish purple. I decided on Sally Hansen Going Grape! because of it being a blueish purple lol. Though the blue and purple show up in different movements. So here it is!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day 5 Blue nails

Today I am showing you blue nails. I decided to choose Bijou Blue by Wet n Wild.

Then using one of my big plates from, I used Co-Bolt Blue by Sally Hansen and stamped. Its a bit more subtle than I had hoped, but pretty nonetheless.

This was hard to capture since the flash on my camera made it difficult to see the stamp. This is one though that you can see.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 4 Green Nails.

Sorry for not posting. I got sick off my second pain medications I was switched on since the first ones made me sick. I apparently get sick off of these stuff, so I have to suffer the pain right now.

But anyways, day 4 for green nails! I actually used a color my boyfriend suggested, which was China Glaze Gussied Up Green. I didn't think this was a polish he would pick out but apparently he loves it lol. He is usually a guy who LOVES neon colors. The brighter, the better lol.

I have had this on now for days, and all I have is minimal tipwear. That's what I love about China Glaze. It can last such a long time on me. I also loved how this color made my hands look tan lol

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Part two of yellow nails

I wanted to do some nail art that I had though of last night with the yellow nails. Though, it didn't come out exactly how I planned, it came out okay. Looks better in person since it's not so macro and can see every little bit of detail.

I used La Colors Stripe Brush for the silver glitter lines, black LA color stripe brush and dotting tool for the black dots. Then a coat of glitter from my Shades of the Season collection from CVS this last season.

Day 3. Yellow Nails

Hey guys! I am now on day three with Yellow Nails. For this mani, I used the Brand New Sunshine Pop from CG Electropop collection, and also an accent nail of Blondie Bombshell from their Eye Candy collection.

I am usually not one for yellows, but this I think has hit the spot. It's a nice bright yellow with shimmer. I think this will be going on again in the future. Probably more toward the summer though lol.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 2 of 31. Orange Nails

Let me say first, like day one, I had a huge fail as a start off. Expect I didn't take a picture this time lol. I tried to do China Glaze orange marmalade as my nail color but it was SOOOO watery, I couldn't even paint my nails.  I put it on and it just spread right over my nails and flooded everything. So the second time around I did OPI Atomic Orange with a layer of Orange Marmalade. Much better this time. Also, it looks very pretty :) So here it is!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 1 of 31. Red Nails

I am starting the 31 day challenge. It won't be ever single day for 31 days. Just when I can actually post. I am hoping by doing this I can go through some of my untrieds. God knows I have hundreds of them. I am going to show a color that I was hoping to use for this day but it was a fail. For one, I shouldn't have used a white base on a jelly polish. Secondly, it looks more orange/coral than red. But anyways here it is:

It is Maybelline Caliente Coral. In the lighting earlier it looked more red.

So I switched my polish, and now here is the actual red nails for today. I went with a darker red. It is China Glaze Riverter Rouge

The Riverter Rouge is from the Vintage Vixen collection. I was able to snag this beauty on sale at Sally Beauty Supply going back a while ago. Glad I didn't miss this one!

Nail mail today!

I received some great nail mail today. I received my Electropop China Glaze collection, and a Hautelook order I made when Barielle was 50% or so off. Here is what they look like:

Now the swatches I had to do on a color wheel since I already had my nails painted for Day 1 of my 31 day challenge. Here they are:

1. Barielle -Elated (mini)
2. Barielle Cherish (mini)
3. CG Gaga for Green
4. CG Sunshine Pop
5. CG Dance Baby
6. CG Sweet Hook
7. CG Kinetic Candy
8. CG Aquadelic

9. CG Aquadelic
10. CG Fuchsia Fanatic
11. CG Wicked Style
12. CG Make Some Noise
13. CG Gothic Lolita 
14. CG Techno
15. Barielle Elle's Spell (Yay it's mine!)
16. Barielle Razz Berry
17. Barielle Ecstasy
18. Barielle Expressive

Hopefully I will include these more in my 31 day challenge so you can see them better!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Think I'm going to do a 31 day!

This is the 31 day I was looking at.

Though I will be doing on my own days and not every single day. Some of these are going to be hard like the Supernatural and tribal nails.. maybe I can get some idea's from you ladies?! *Hint, Hint*

Maybe I shall start tomorrow if I have time!

OPI DS Original

I have a quick swatch for you guys today. I am in severe pain and my pain killers are making me sooo sick.  I am so sick I don't even want to talk to anyone! I can't forget my followers though :)

Here is OPI DS Original. I paid $15+ $5 shipping off of ebay. I was very nervous about it being a fake, but I decided to take the chance since I want more holos. This did NOT regret! It's so holo, looking at it is making me sick again lol. Also, the seller added a few extra little goodies :)

One blurry picture to show off the holo better. Isn't this beautiful!?

Friday, January 6, 2012

Snowcone and glitter layers

A forth post today, man this is something for me lol. I showed you Orly Snowcone earlier, and I showed my boyfriend the color. He said it needed something more like glitter (really is this my boyfriend saying add glitter? He hates glitter lol). So I decided to add some Wet and Wild Blue Wants to be a Millionaire. and this is what showed:

I also found some Shades of the Seasons I got from Rite Aide. They came in tubes with all different colors. They always have these around the holidays so I used two of them I got. This is my final look:

Sorry about the cuticle. It started to bleed and I tried to photo shop that part out but I couldn't. I NEVER photo shop my pictures except to crop and add my watermark, and to fix up any nicks in my cuticles. My camera is on RAW imaging and it shows the colors so perfect!

Orly Snowcone

My third post today. As you can tell I am so bored! lol Here is Orly Snowcone

When looking at other bloggers swatches of this, I have wanted it for a very long time. When I seen it at Sallys, I had to snag it up. I am very happy I did, it is beautiful!