Sunday, June 9, 2013

Huge Update!

I haven't been on in a long time. I ended up getting busy with work everyday in the winter, and when I was going to come back the family business caught on fire. We're trying to straighten all that out since April, but everything won't be done and built until the end of this year. So that took up a lot of my time. I also took a MUCH needed vacation to Florida (I will add a couple pictures at the end :) ) So now I am back!!

To start off I am posting a mani that I just took off today. Sorry for short nails, I didn't take care of them on vacation.

I use the base color Raegan by Julep. The ring finger I did an accent color of CG Some Like it Haute. I use the new Cheeky plates for the stamp. This specific one is the Musical Nails Jumbo Plate #5. You can find it here for the set of 5 on amazon for $45.99 plus shipping, or here for the set of 10 for $85.99 plus shipping. They even sell it as an individual plate here. The individual plate sells for $9.49 plush shipping.. I bought the two separate plates of 5 when I ordered, then the next day they came out with a full 10 set buy lol. Of course.

I of course topped it with CG Fairy Dust for the glitter. I love that polish, I'm currently less than half way done with it.

Here are a couple Florida pictures: