Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Target Clearence Haul!

So I stopped by in Target today, and I found some clearance stuff in their cosmetic section. Nothing makes me happier than this lol. Here is the goodies:

The eyeshadows starting on the top row left to right:
L'oreal HIP -Ignited
L'oreal HIP -Cheeky
L'oreal HIP -Animated

Bottom row:
Maybelline- Silver Starlet
Maybelline- Tantalizing Teal
Maybelline- Navy Narcissist

The polish is Rimmel London in Violet Metal.

The Almay duo eye crayon is for green eyes, and the pencil is Maybelline eyeliner pencil in bronze.

Here are the eyeshadows opened:

I know I never do like makeup hauls, but I do LOVE eyeshadow and sales. So I figured I would let everyone know! If you get anything, let me know what you picked up!


  1. I've been eyeing both the Teal and the Navy duos of the Maybelline. I love that polish. And the blue/white duo by HIP looks awesome, and we know how I feel about blue shadow, it's a wonder I don't yet own that one. The other two HIPs are nice too.


  2. I almost picked up that duo, but then put it back. I just have so many eye products. I did manage to walk away with 4 beauty items, two of which I got for under $1 after using coupons. At one point I think I had something like 12 items in my cart and managed to pare down. They didn't have any of those eye duos shown in your photos. I'm totally lusting after those.