Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 10 Gradient Nails. Magnetix also

I'm sorry to only have one picture of this, but I took a ton on my phone and never saved them onto my computer. I'm coming down with something since I am now always tired, lightheaded, cloudy-minded so I am making a quick post.

I have my day 10 gradient. I used two colors from CG Tronica Collection. Light purple is Gamer Glam, and the dark is Virtual Violet. I then added Wet N Wild Kaleidoscope. I adored this mani.

Also while picking up my prescription at Rite Aid, I saw they had some magnetic polishs. I picked up one and here it is:


  1. Beautiful! That gradient mani is GORGEOUS! I hope you feel better soon, love!

  2. Love the gradient!! It's beautiful ;0). I have to check some other Rite Aides for those magnetics. I haven't seen them in the ones in my area.