Friday, January 6, 2012

Review of my XXL plate

I recently bought an XXL stamping plate from I decided to try it out for many reasons. I know XXL plates can run major bucks because of the amount of designs on it. A regular konad circle plate can be 7 dollar. I ALWAYS buy all my nail supplies unless specified. I have only received a couple of polish's from a website going back earlier this summer.

So of course, I like to save money. I decided for 32 dollars and 5 dollars shipping (US Mainland), this wasn't a huge risk if the plate didn't work. So I made my first order and got it extremely quick. Let me tell you, this was the BEST investment I have ever bought. First here is my plate (Sorry for it being dirty, I'm still trying to figure out how to clean it well)

I have used this now a few times and I mentioned in those posts that I used this plate, and all the images are very clear as long as I stamp fast enough. We all know nail polish can dry in between of the plate to your nail. I am no professional, so I make MANY mistakes lol.

Another thing I love about this is all the different designs. They range from full image to small images. Some of the big images are even BIGGER than a konad full image plate. I have a wide thumb so I can't ever find a full image plate that covers my whole thumb. But these do!!!

I actually asked Amber (the owner of youmixcometics) if I could do this review because I loved this plate so much, and I wanted to tell others about it. Since then I have purchased another XXL plate and an XL plate which I am currently waiting for to come in the mail :)

Like I said, for 32 dollars and 5 dollars shipping (US-Mainland) this is SUCH a steal!!!! When I get more funds and when I am back to work from recovering from my recently foot surgery, you bet I am buying more!!

Some of the designs that I got from this plate:

On this piece of paper, I used Pure Ice Pussy Cat. For the last one on the bottom, my stamper wasn't big enough to hold the full image. That image definitely beats the sizes of all other full image plates I have.

I hope you guys really think about buying this image plate from, because it really, truly, is a great image plate for cheap!!


  1. Use an acetone based thinner to clean the plates.The usual acetone free nail polish remover don't do that great a job! That reminds me, I have to buy a thinner for my stamping plates too!
    Lovlely design btw and I love love love that shade of Orly:)

  2. Thank you Emm for the recommendation! I will try that :) Also, the Orly color is called Lunar Eclipse from Last Falls Cosmic FX collection. It's even better in person!

  3. WOW!!! What a deal! :D That looks like such a fun plate! Your nails look awesome, btw. :D

  4. ohhhhh i want it!!!!
    love your nails that last pic of your nails is ammazzzing!! love the color combo you chose!!

  5. That is one huge plate! I'm glad it turned into a great buy!