Friday, January 6, 2012

My swatches of 5/6 Nicki Minaj polish's.

I am showing you a full swatch list of the Nicki Minaj polish's. The only one I am missing is Metallic 4 Life. I buy my own polish's and it looked a lot like Tinsel town from China Glaze so I didn't buy it.

The first one in line is Did it on Em

Next is Fly

I then added Super Bass Shatter on top of Fly
(I love this combination)

Then I swatched Pink Friday

 Finally, I put on Save me over Pink Friday

 As you can tell in the last two, Fly did leave a bit of staining. Nothing though my bubble white from Sallys can take off. I am on bed rest for surgery so I am a bit out of it, but I hope you like these swatches, The colors are pretty spot on which I am very proud of.


  1. These are lovely!!

    Surgery???! I hope that you are okay!!

  2. I love super bass shatter! Sigh. And that layering on fly is pretty awesome.

  3. Thank you! :)

    I had foot surgery for the second time since September. I am very bored... LOL

  4. Thanks for the swatches and good luck with the surgery! Hope everything goes smoothly.

  5. I still love that crackle! I really like this collection!