Monday, January 9, 2012

Nail mail today!

I received some great nail mail today. I received my Electropop China Glaze collection, and a Hautelook order I made when Barielle was 50% or so off. Here is what they look like:

Now the swatches I had to do on a color wheel since I already had my nails painted for Day 1 of my 31 day challenge. Here they are:

1. Barielle -Elated (mini)
2. Barielle Cherish (mini)
3. CG Gaga for Green
4. CG Sunshine Pop
5. CG Dance Baby
6. CG Sweet Hook
7. CG Kinetic Candy
8. CG Aquadelic

9. CG Aquadelic
10. CG Fuchsia Fanatic
11. CG Wicked Style
12. CG Make Some Noise
13. CG Gothic Lolita 
14. CG Techno
15. Barielle Elle's Spell (Yay it's mine!)
16. Barielle Razz Berry
17. Barielle Ecstasy
18. Barielle Expressive

Hopefully I will include these more in my 31 day challenge so you can see them better!


  1. Great mail I love number 5,9,14,and 18.

  2. Great nail mail!! I love Elle's Spell. I bought it for a giveaway once and then wanted it so bad. lol. The next time Barielle is on sale, I am getting it for sure!

  3. The CG Electropops look nice. Dance baby is my favorite right after Techno. I've never heard of Barielle... they look good too.

  4. Oo my gosh ! i want themmm <3
    i wish you visit my blog!

  5. Awesome nail mail!! Thanks for sharing the swatches. I have a few of the CG's on the way, yayyy!!! Elle's Spell looks so pretty, hmmm...another wish list polish? LOL

  6. Oh MariJo, you're going to want this on your wishlist! It's red and flakies! haha

  7. Waannntttt.
    Think of me if you hate anything lol

    I love Elle's Spell.

  8. So love the Electropop collection! Especially Techno, I just ordered today and was on the fence about it :P I should have come here a couple hours ago lol.