Monday, August 22, 2011

One year!

Today is my one year of having this blog. I am excited. I wish I could have done some great nails but I have been busy with getting ready for my surgery soon, my family is in the process of buying a new house, and working two jobs. Phew. But I have today swatches of the new China Glaze "Skyscraper" from their Fall Metro Collection.. and it's BEAUTIFUL!

Love this. I only cropped it in photoshop to make the pictures smaller. I love my outdoor pictures. Much more accurate than anything.


  1. Congratulations...
    Your blog is really an inspiration for new bloggers like me :)

  2. Happy anniversary! Totally dig that color too, it's hard to find the sparkly dark blues that aren't suuuuuuuuper dark.

  3. I must have this color! Sooo pretty, I think I'm becoming addicted to blue polishes lol