Monday, August 29, 2011

Green Designs and Hurricane Irene.

Well the hurricane came and went. We didn't get it as bad as they said in Mass, but some places got more damage than others. Where I live? Not much damage at all. Here are some pictures:

 Look! The apples stayed on! .. Most of them...
 Just some leaves...
That was the most damage really. Got pulled up a little.

Besides for that, we lost power for around 6 hours. Some people (including my boyfriend) hasn't had power in over 24 hours. Thankfully dad took home our generator from work so our fridge was good. He also plugged in his tv (of course) and 2 computers. I wasn't bothered really. Though at work, we still haven't received power. Since I do account receivable and payable I can't work today without electricity. So I'm home!

Anyways here is my manicure I did during the storm:

The base color is Avante Garde Green by Fingerpaints
The crackle is china glaze crackle in Cracked Medallion
La color in gold glitter
Bundle Monster Rhinestones.

But wow these pictures make my cuticles look horrible! They don't look that bad in real life!

Stay tunes for my 1 year giveaway :) Small, but with the last one I did I am on a budget!!


  1. Wow! Your area faired pretty well!

  2. Love this mani! Glad you didn't have too much storm damage.

  3. Love the manicure! Glad you survived the storm!