Thursday, August 25, 2011

Haul (New ORLY Mineral FX too!!!)

I did a haul today. Here is a quick picture:

I got lucky! For spending 45 dollars at Sally's I got the bag free :)

Here is my manicure for the time being:

The base color is Starry Night by Nina Ultra Pro. I used it in my last post as the stamping color. Works great for stamping. Silver Mercedes from Pure Ice as stamp color. The stamp is m64 from my MASH plates.

Im going to do my nails in one of the ORLY Mineral FX colors now! See ya soon!


  1. Looks like a great haul! I need to track down those Orlys.

  2. the bag is cute.How I wish I had money!hahah great haul!

  3. Awesome bag! And even better haul!
    I love your current manicure. :)

  4. love your mani and can't wait to see more using your new stash :D

    shel xx

  5. I love this mani and can't hardly believe that Pure Ice stamped so well, WOW! I may need to give this a whirl (far cheaper than SH Insta-Dri)