Saturday, August 27, 2011

New 18 polish's I got this week!

Sorry for the lack of light. I will be getting Hurricane Irene tomorrow. It's rainy and gloomy =\

 1. China Glaze-Harmony
2.China Glaze-Anklets of Amethyst
3.China Glaze-Bogie
4.China Glaze-Lasso My Heart
5.China Glaze-Urban Night
6.China Glaze-Haunting
7.China Glaze-Eyes Like Sapphire
8.China Glaze-Midtown Magic
9.ORLY Mineral FX-Rococo a-Go Go
10.ORLY Mineral FX-Rock-It
11.ORLY Mineral FX-Rock Solid
12.ORLY Mineral FX-Stone Cold
13.ORLY Mineral FX-Emberstone
14.Jordana-Purple Glam
15.Jordana-Hawaiian Flower
16.Jordana-Boy Oh Boy
17.Milani One Coat Glitter-Blue Flash
18.Milani-Winter Wine

Of course they all look a million times better either (a.) In the sun and (b.) In person.

So ready for fall colors and loving my week of new polishes!!!!


  1. For some reason #16 is really standing out to me! I wish I could find Jordana polishes here!
    But I love all of them! And I'm so ready for fall colors too. :)

  2. Great haul, girl! ;D I love the ORLY Mineral FX collection!!

  3. Olivia, I would see if you have a Kmart near you! Thats where I found them :)

    And Thanks nailderella :) I love it too!

  4. gorgeous new polishes stay safe with irene sweetie

    shel xx

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