Friday, July 29, 2011

Very First buy from

This is a quick review I wanted to personally do. I was not sent review items, these I bought on my own.

I saw some people talk about how they recently purchased from a website "". I decided to check out the website and I noticed they had some great china glaze colors, and for cheap. I decided to purchase from them. I bought 6 china glaze polishes called "Golden Enchantment", "Meteor Shower", "Skyscraper","Mahoganie", "Flower Girl", and "CG In The City". I would love to say how excited I am for these. They came in perfect packaging. But most of all my reason for this post is how fast their shipping is. I ordered on July 27th. I just got my package in today.. TWO days later. THAT'S IT! Two days! Fastest shipping I have ever encountered. This is the polish's and the packaging:

Last post has massive white balance even though I put it down. Camera doesn't always agree with me.

But I am very pleased with my purchase :)