Friday, July 22, 2011

Review from

I am showing you some reviews I have from a few items that were sent to me from a website called NailDeRoyale.

These are the items that was sent to me:

There is one blue LaRosa crackle polish called "Feeling Blue?"
The nail art striper is from Omega Labs. Which there is no label for a name but it has a code number of 166. I looked on the website and it is called "Omega Hot Orange".
Then there are two pots of nail glitters. The black is called "Asphalt" and the orange is called "Orange Sand. These are made by ISIS.

First up was the nail art striper.

  In the sun
In the shade.

This was an extremely opaque polish, which I love when it comes to nail stripers. Another thing I loved was how thin the brush is.

 I have been using LA Colors brushes, and this blows them away. The brush is so much thinner, and also more opaque. I adored this striper.

Second I reviewed is the LaRosa Crackle. I have heard of this brand and I always wanted to try it out. Here are my results over my previous manicure.

LOOK AT THAT CRACKLE! lol. It crackles better than my china glaze's do. I loved it and it was so easy to work with. It also started crackling right away.

Next come the two pots of nail glitters. Now I will admit I have never used nail glitter before so this was interesting for me. I started by using a brush to put the glitter on. I then realized it would be easier with the top of the pots lid under my nail and slowly pour the glitter on my nail. This was my results:

As you can see the black has holo glitter in it. It's gorgeous. I also liked the orange but it's a bit more difficult to see on my nails. The black really pops out though.

This is my first ever review and I am so excited. If you go on you can purchase these products. Here are the prices:

LaRosa crackle is on sale now for $4.49.
Nail Striper is $2.99 each.
Orange sand glitter is $2.99 a pot.
Asphault is also $2.99 a pot.

Thanks for reading!

These products were sent to me for review. These are my full opinions on the products.


  1. ahhhh, a crackle that really "shatters" = love!

  2. LaRosa crackle is AMAZING! I bought some on a whim and fell in love instantly! The orange glitter is great too!

  3. Oh it shatters alright! Also VERY quick!!! I loved it!

  4. Thanks thenailaholic! I have never used glitter so that as an experiment for me... Lol but it was fun!

  5. I have to try this crackle!! I tried the kleancolor one and that was a total fail. So far only the OPI one works well for me :(

    Please check me out :) at

  6. I have never tried this crackle before it was sent to me. I could not believe how well it cracked! I had some problems with the turquoise crackle from OPI, and a couple from China Glaze. This was the easiest by far to use.

    I'll check your blog out! :)

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