Monday, April 11, 2011

Two Nail Manicures!

I'll admit the first one I really wanted to do since I saw some other bloggers on here do it. And this manicure I did NOT want to take off! It was soo cute!

I forgot all the colors I used underneath. I know two were Zoya (One being apple, the green one and Kieko from the other summer collection) One blue fingerpaints from the spring collection. I forgot the pink one! Sorry!

The pink base color is Orly- Basket Case. It's such a beautiful color. Then the stamp is from my MASH plates I got from Amazon. They pretty much replicate Konad stamps but for MUCH cheaper and work just as well! The plate name is M78. Might be the same in the konad series. The stamp is the Konad princess Purple color :)


  1. I love the crackle!! That looks awesome underneath the black!

  2. The top one is my fave!! But I love the second color - so gorge!