Monday, July 30, 2012

Holo top coat!

I am excited today, because I get to show you what I just bought on copious. I didn't use any credits since I don't have any but that's fine. I bought some spectraflair topcoats!! I used for the mani colors Julep Georgia, and then Julep Sarah for the accent. On top I added the holo top coat I bought from here. If I understand correctly, the smaller the number the more holo it is. I am using number 35, it's not too in your face so it gives that extra touch :)

I did ask permission of the owner who makes these topcoats before posting on my blog :) If you don't have any of this, BUY IT! You can make any polish holo!!!!!!


  1. Very pretty!!
    In regards to China Glaze nail polish - yea, I definitely will be getting more!
    BTW - I'm following you :)