Sunday, July 8, 2012

CG Poinsettia and Julep O Canada

Sorry for no posts, had the craziest week ever. I was on vacation from work and went out everyday with friends, or had parties to go to. Back to work tomorrow!

This week I received my July box for Julep. I ended up getting a Golden Box! I was SOO ecstatic because this month they added America and O Canada. because I live in America, I would have only received that polish. But in the golden box, I got both! I was definitely happy to get it my first time this month.

For my mani, I have CG Poinsettia on, topped with O Canada by Julep. I am sorry these look bad, in real life it looks so much better! Macro pictures show ALL your flaws lol..

Now, here was my 4th mani. I only have a camera phone picture, sorry!!


  1. That CG red is red! Love it. And O Canada is cute! Love it. Your 4th of July mani was really awesome too :)

  2. Nice. Some times nails can be a true work of art.
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