Monday, April 30, 2012

3 mani's today!

I am so sorry for not posting for 9 days. I got really sick for 4, and then worked a ton! No time to rest!

I am showing 3 mani's I have done within the last 9 days. (I've had another one but I didn't take a picture. Wasn't too fond of it)

So here is the first:

This was L'oreal Pink Shells base stamped with Color Club Where's the Soiree? The stamp is from my XXL plate I've used in the last few posts. I am obsessed with those XXL plates.

Next is Claire's Cosmic. Sorry for the black wristband I twisted my wrist when I took it. Also, for the one pieve of hair I didn't see when taking the pictures lol.

Finally Revlon Royal Cloak. I am really loving this purple. It has TINY little silver flecks (I guess you could call it flecks) in it. So pretty. I just stamped this so hopefully that will be later on this week!

Hope you enjoyed!

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