Saturday, September 24, 2011

Purple with purple/pink flower

I still have my OPI Ink as a base color (love it so much) and with the hello kitty plate from the Born Pretty Store I got for free, I stamped a flower with China Glaze Joy. I got myself outside (hopping along since I still can't put weight on my right foot) and took a few pictures.

I switched my camera to take RAW images now. So hopefully it looks better. I have two monitors going and I had to adjust the color to get the second one to work better so I can't see it all too accurately.

To me, the last one is most accurate in colors :)

And here is a picture of my yorkie

Cute, but a huge terror!! lol


  1. Love the little flowers! And your dog is sooo cute!

  2. i love how the flower looks! and omg that picture is priceless! what a cutie!

  3. The flowers are so cute on that polish!

  4. I like the flowers and the color combo!
    Cute doggie too !