Sunday, March 6, 2011

Revlon "Jelly" with designs

Man did I get hit hard with the stomach bug these last two days! I lost 8 pounds since Saturday =\. But the best cure to that was a nice hot cup of tea, literally made my symptoms go away! I couldn't even sip water that's how bad it was, If anyone gets sick like that DRINK TEA! lol. Anyways onto my nails...

I used Revlon "Jelly" (Gorgeous) with some L.A and Stripe Right strippers. Sorry for short post I'm extremely lacking energy from these last two days. As you can tell I didn't even clean up my nails. SO Sorry!


  1. I love the nail designs! I never heard of Revlon Jelly; looks like a nice squishy pink color!

    I have a cold right now as well- I make green tea and add in chunks of ginger and squeeze fresh lemon into it. It taste strong but it really does help soothe the symptoms. I hope you feel better :)

  2. Wow, what a lovely color and design! I hope you feel better soon!