Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Valentine's Day French Tips

I did another french tip manicure, and not meaning to make it more of Valentine's Day colors lol.

I used Fingerpaints - Mulberry Madness (tip color)
Stripe Rite Purple Metallic Striper
China Glaze- Golden Meringue  as base color (Thanks Brittany!)

Snowing outside, can't take any outside pictures =[


  1. That is so pretty! Is there a sheer polish on your nails too? I think I see some gold shimmer on the non-french part!

  2. The tips were a bit of a sheer color. and you reminded me! I forgot to add that I have golden meringue as a basecoat! lol

  3. or basecolor I should say. Geez I'm out of it lol