Sunday, December 26, 2010

Purple and Gold

I am showing a quick manicure I did. I used Diva of Geneva for the base color of OPI. I received that as one of my nail polishes yesterday and I was dying to use it. I will edit this page and say which ORLY color I used for gold. I had to put in a corner desk into my room and that took hours. Then I had to move furniture around to make it fit. I've had a long and tiresome day lol. But here it is!

 The Black glitter is just a stripper polish by LA Colors. I forgot to put back my ring when I was done moving the furniture around.

Also does anyone have any nail blogs they love to follow? I am snowed in and NEED something else to look at lol.


  1. Diva of geneva is so pretty. Love the color combo.

    There are plenty of blogs you can look at. Most of your followers have blogs. You can also take a look at mine :)

  2. Love this mani :) And you can take a look at my blog ;)
    No, what I usually do is go to a site I like, thn look at that persons blogroll/followers, and go to other sites. Also, I also read some sites written in some language I don't read, but Google Translate helps.

  3. Really pretty! I love those colors together.