Friday, November 5, 2010

Last Haul!

Okay so I've come to realize I have been spending too much on nailpolish and beauty products so I have to stop and save for a while. This is my last nailpolish haul. Everything but the two revlons with silver caps came from Ocean State Job Lot. If you live in New England, I'm sure you know how much you love that place haha.

I will be getting a TON of nailpolish for christmas, I will sure let you know when the time comes. I think it's around 15 bottles but I don't know. I did order stuff online so I'm waiting for that to come in and I'm holding off lol


  1. Girl I know what you mean! I was on a no buy for the past couple weeks. Then I saw Zoya was doing buy one get one free and I totally went crazy and ruined my no buy. Lol! It's so worth it though!

  2. I buy all my zoya online! I can't find anywhere that sells it around where I live!